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The Events team of the MBA(Day) Department of Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management is a student body which aims at achieving a holistic development of new-age managers by going beyond the limits of the classrooms and books. The academic year features three major events which are spearheaded by the Events team under the guidance of the faculty and co-operation of the students. The events are:

INSIGHT: The Annual Corporate Panel Discussion

An interaction between the students and industry personnel to enhance the perspective and to better understand the functioning of the business world.

PARADIGM: The Annual Alumni Meet of the MBA (Day) Department

It is a reunion celebrating the alumni of the first B-school in India. It is a meet where the alumni get to hobnob with the present students, revisit their past experiences and share their success stories.

MANAGEREAL: The Annual Inter B-School Event

It is an initiative taken to put the knowledge, skills and nerves of tomorrow’s managers to test. It is a platform for B-School students from the length and breadth of the country to interact and share their ideas and views.

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